The Communicator
January 15, 2013


Is Disability Insurance at the top of your list?

These are a few of the basic reasons to remember to make disability insurance sales your top priority in 2013:

In the next hour-
• 230 people will die
• 1027 people will become disabled

It is a fact that-
• 1 out of 88 homes will be lost to fire or storms
• 1 out of 70 automobiles will be involved in an accident
• 1 out of 8 people will become disabled

If you are age 45, there is a-
• 1.8% chance you will need Long Term Care before you turn age 65
• 17.5% chance you will need life insurance before you turn age 65
• 40% chance you will need disability insurance before you turn age 65

Petersen International Underwriters is your source to assist with those clients who need additional income protection or have not had success in obtaining income protection from the traditional disability insurance carriers.

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