Show Me The Max!

A closer look at traditional coverage could reveal less than the max.

When you ask for a disability insurance proposal, do you often request a “Maximum Benefit” based on income and other coverage in force? Do you ever wonder if you are really getting the maximum coverage available to your client? If your client is earning more than $150,000 annually then the traditional insurance market is usually unable to provide the maximum.

For the higher income earners, obtaining the maximum normally involves the use of two different carriers. The first carrier would be your traditional carrier who refers to an issue and participation chart to determine the maximum benefit available. The problem with traditional carrier I&P charts is the more a person earns, the less percentage of income is insured. It is then that a non-traditional carrier is needed to provide your client the maximum.

Petersen International Underwriters will participate up to 65% - 75% of income, regardless of the amount of income a person makes. So a person that earns $1,000,000 can and should be insured up to $54,000 - $62,000 per month. So the next time you say to the person running the proposals, “Show Me The Max”, be sure to request the additional proposal for supplemental coverage through Petersen International Underwriters.

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