Real Life Disability Insurance Cases


Mrs. Y, a talented litigation attorney working for a large law firm in New York. She was offered a two year assignment with the U.S. President’s administration. This assignment would provide an income of $250,000 annually and would prove to be an exemplary credential for her. Although, the new position would mean taking a leave of absence from her $2,000,000 annual private practice income and no longer being eligible for the firm’s Long-Term Disability Plan.


What would happen to Mrs. Y if she were to become disabled during the next two years? Her ability to return to earning the big “private sector” dollars would be in jeopardy. Her current lifestyle is built around the higher income, so the financial consequences of a disability would be devastating. How could she protect her financial position?


Petersen International Underwriters was able to offer her a solution. A short-term disability policy was put into place during her 2 year assignment. Benefits were based on her prior income which mitigated her concerns for taking the exciting and rewarding assignment with the government.


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