Think Globally…But Act Locally

We live in an era of constant modernization with moderate to extreme embracement of technology and communication. Smart phones, tablets, video conferences and electronic mail provide instant access to boundless information; instant contact and gratification. Business is transacting on a global scale, but in fractions of a second. And there are business opportunities everywhere for American life and health insurance agents. 


…But Act Locally

There are firms and business all around you, in U.S. cities large and small, that maintain an international presence with employees and financial liabilities throughout the world. Like any other financially aware company, these businesses need life and health insurance protection. And you have access to the one company that can supply superior insurance products and services to your local clients with truly international interests.

Over the last 50 years, Petersen International Underwriters has developed and continued to modernize the global life and health insurance market. We can provide your U.S. business clients with comprehensive disability, life, accident, medical and travel insurance programs for their overseas as well as U.S.-based employees on an individual or group basis. Coverage is available anywhere in the world for long or short term contracts.

Let us help you find appropriate solutions for your clients.

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