International Term Life Insurance

In terms of business partnerships, trade opportunities, and merging companies, the world gets smaller everyday. This means that your clients travel more and more frequently and therefore International Life Insurance protection is increasingly important.

Unexpected complications, not covered by traditional insurance carriers, can occur while traveling or living abroad. Petersen International Underwriters has developed the International Term Life Insurance Plan to make sure your clients are covered in case misfortune strikes while they are residing outside their home country.

Take The Case Of…

An individual who is planning on serving as a missionary for the next three years in Southeast Asia. The missionary is looking for $500,000 of coverage for estate planning and for loss of future income for their dependents. Therefore Petersen International Underwriters could offer a three year policy term to cover the time they will be out of the U.S.

Each person’s situation is different—whether your clients are businessmen stationed in Tokyo for a few months, or reporters covering South Korea for a decade—PIU can insure them all. PIU’s Term Life Insurance helps ease the worries of those living abroad by providing life insurance benefits with significant limits and one-month to ten-year policy terms. Whether your clients’ needs are short or long term, this life insurance plan will insure that their finances are secure.

As traveling abroad becomes progressively more common the necessity for international life insurance grows. PIU’s International Term Life Insurance will protect your clients and their loved ones or business no matter where in the world they travel.

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