Loss of Future Earnings Disability Plan

A problem with traditional disability insurance protection is that a person can only secure approximately 65% of their current income, and while this does protect their lifestyle today, it may not protect the future lifestyles of young professionals who are anticipating significant increases in their incomes. These people stand to lose their dreams of a higher standard of living should a disability strike today as opposed to later in their careers.

Take The Case Of…

Ms. H, age 28, a third-year resident physician at a hospital.

She took advantage of the hospital sponsored individual disability plan, which provided a modest benefit, but one that sufficiently covered her current income.

Ms. H is specializing in cardiology, and expects to being earning around $500,000 annually within the next 5-7 years.

Petersen International Underwriters’ Loss of Future Earnings Plan supplemented her disability coverage and protected her future income against the effects of disability.

This concept is addressed by our new “Loss of Future Earnings Plan” and now you can help these types of clients by prescribing this coverage which will provide up to $1,000,000 or more of additional disability protection. LFE insurance has a very meaningful benefit, but can be purchased for very modest premium. It involves a short application process, and guaranteed issue with electronic application is available to employer groups and associations.

Petersen International Underwriters offers many high limit disability plans designed for your clients who are not satisfied with coverage from the traditional market.

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