Can the Indianapolis Colts sell DI?

A couple weeks back, a producer of ours shared this great story on how he made a Disability Insurance sale.


“My client, who is 40 years old and in great health, finally got back to our conversation about disability insurance.  He said, ‘I know I make $200,000 a year but I really don’t need to insure the entire amount.’  I disagreed.  I wanted to use something the client could relate to that would illustrate his need to fully insure himself. So I decided the 2011 Indianapolis Colts might be the perfect analogy.  I said, ‘Mr. Client, what are your duties at your Company?’  He was a Contractor and I knew what his duties were but I wanted him to hear them aloud.  He said, ‘Man, all I do is make calls to the banks, find new properties, sub-contract the work, inspect the job and make sure everything is on time.’  I then said, ‘You’re pretty much a quarterback?’  He chuckled and replied ‘Yeah, I guess so.’  I then asked, ‘Have you been following the Indianapolis Colts?’  He laughed and said, ‘Yes, my favorite team is the Tennessee Titans, and we just destroyed the Colts!’ I asked what was different about this Colts team that made it easy for his team to ‘Destroy them?’  He said ‘Well, Peyton Manning is out!’ I paused and he paused. After a moment he smiled and said, ‘Just like I’m the quarterback of my company. Well said, Mr. Producer! Let’s get the process started!’”


It just goes to show that a sale does not have to be cut and dry. Adding a little humor or relating a story to your client, when appropriate, can be the extra nudge your client may need to complete your sale.


**As a foot note, the proposed insured was reminded about the fact, that as a business owner, he has two budgets and one income. Business Overhead Expense, Key Person and Bank Loan Indemnification are additional income protection plans that need to be seriously considered.**