Pilots Loss of License

Temporary or Permanent Loss of License

Corporate and commercial pilots have always had a tough time securing proper insurance. In the past, the majority of insurance companies have told pilots that they are “uninsurable” because there are too many factors that could cause them to lose their medical certificate. Due to strict medical qualifications, many health issues that would allow employees in the traditional workplace to continue working would cost a pilot his or her license.

While traditional insurance carriers have effectively turned their backs on this occupation, Petersen International Underwriters has design a loss of license insurance plan that will cover pilots if they lose their medical certificate and are no longer able to fly.

Corporate aviation is a booming industry. Many corporate aviation companies want to attract the top pilots, but in most cases are unable to provide adequate insurance, or offer none at all. Now you can prescribe a solution by providing insurance coverage to your pilot clients through Petersen International Underwriters.

Take The Case Of...

California is ablaze annually with numerous major wildfires. The television news can look like an adventure movie: tanker planes and water dropping helicopters swooping across the TV screen making daring water drops. Brave and heroic men and women who are risking personal injury and possible loss of life in fighting the fierce and raging fires. Tragically, this is not an adventure movie; it is real.

Fortunately for some of the pilots, crew members, and fire fighters professional, observant and caring Insurance Brokers have tended to their needs with the Pilot’s Loss of License Insurance plan issued by Petersen International Underwriters.

In addition to corporate pilots, we can also insure helicopter pilots, charter operators, firefighting pilots, commercial pilots, agricultural aviators, stunt pilots and test pilots. Pilot Loss of License coverage is available on an individual basis as well as on a guaranteed issue basis for groups.

Why Purchase Loss of License Insurance?

A loss of license insurance policy is one of the most crucial parts of a sound financial plan. A loss of license plan makes it possible for a suspended pilot to pay his or her mortgage and utilities bills, buy clothing and cover school costs for his or her children, as well as put food on the table every day. Cash flow is critical when you’re unable to work for an extended period of time; Petersen International Underwriter’s Pilot Loss of License Plan will allow grounded pilots to maintain their standards of living.

  • Loss of license based on the FAA license
  • Pilot Loss of License Insurance provides exceptional benefits at affordable rates
  • Provides monthly payments to keep your world intact until your medical certificate is reinstated
  • If you are grounded as a result of an insured sickness or injury, benefits may pay up to 60 months
  • Monthly benefit amounts up to $10,000 per month or more

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