This plan is not Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant.

For a senior citizen, being uninsured is incredibly dangerous and fiscally irresponsible; however, being accepted into the United States Medicare program can be tricky. PIU offers the temporary Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan to cover senior citizens in the transition period between traditional insurance and Medicare.

Medicare applicants must live in the US for five years as legal residents before they are accepted into the program. Others may miss their application date and have to wait an extra 18 months before obtaining full medical insurance. The Bridge Plan is a temporary major medical insurance plan intended for use by seniors awaiting acceptance in the U.S. Medicare system.


There are 3 conditions for which the Bridge Plan is used as a temporary substitute:

Medicare Restriction #1: Medicare will accept people who have been a permanent resident of the United States for at least five years. This does not require citizenship or any payment into Social Security prior to eligibility. The only requirement is that they must pay a premium to have both Part A and Part B.

Petersen’s Solution #1: The Bridge Plan is available to persons who have become permanent residents of the United States and who are within the five year waiting period for Medicare eligibility.

Medicare Restriction #2: Some people may be eligible for Medicare due to age and qualifications, but have failed to enroll. Enrollment is not automatic. Social Security does not remind people to enroll. If they miss their enrollment period they must wait to enroll at a later date. This may be as much as 18 months later!

Petersen’s Solution #2: The Bridge Plan will cover them with benefits similar to Medicare on a temporary basis until the next enrollment opportunity.

Medicare Restriction #3: Some people, for various reasons, have only Part A or Part B. They may be able to get the additional part through Medicare, but at a later date.

Petersen’s Solution #3: The Bridge Plan may be sold with both Part A and Part B, just Part A, or just Part B.

With this plan your senior citizen clients will be reassured by the fact that they can go to any doctor and any hospital. This temporary plan comes in two parts. One covers hospitalization, hospice, nursing, and home health care; the other covers the costs of physicians and surgeons, ambulances and other medical needs. Your senior citizen clients can choose to be covered by either option or both!

With PIU’s Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan, you can keep your senior clients safe from financial ruin should anything happen to them while they wait to be accepted into the US Medicare system.


Part A: Hospitalization

  • Hospitalization Benefits
  • Hospice Facilities Benefits
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Benefits
  • Home Health Care Services Benefits

Part B: Physicians and Surgeons

  • Physicians and Surgeons Benefits

New Benefit – Complications Due to Hypertension Benefit
Health complications resulting from Medically-Controlled Hypertension will not be considered a Pre-existing Condition.

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