The Best Prospecting

I surmise most of you are independent insurance brokers and general agents with practices focused on individual benefits and estate planning services.  Rarely, if ever, do most of you venture into the group and employee benefits sectors, but it wouldn’t hinder your business at all to consider looking there once in a while.  The experience could be very profitable.  Although it is best form to stick to your specialties and practice in a field of expertise, there are opportunities that will help you bridge into the group market with ease, expanding and diversifying your potential client base.

Your current client rolodex is your best tool in accessing multi-life or group business.  Navigate your own files.  They are filled with leads and door openers.  You may have a physician client or an attorney client to whom you have successfully sold life insurance, disability insurance, even high-limit excess disability insurance.  That same client most likely has colleagues and co-workers who are also in need of higher limits of insurance.

Instead of or in addition to asking for one-on-one referrals from your client, as you may be so inclined, request to speak with his/her human resources manager or the company’s executive committee.  Now you have direct access to a spectacular income protection benefits platform that will greatly serve those insured better than any other financial services product on the market.

Petersen International’s GSI (guaranteed issue) Excess Disability Plan is flexible and can be designed to provide comprehensive disability benefits at levels unattainable through traditional individual or group benefit markets.  Another major selling point is that the program is most importantly unobtrusive to HR departments that historically shy away from benefits platforms that are outside basic necessity.

Petersen’s GSI Plan provides superior supplemental income protection (without any medical underwriting) on a voluntary, mandatory or hybrid basis, and boasts huge group discounts and simple enrollment strategies that have proven to pacify and excite even the most stubborn of HR managers.

There are riches to be discovered in the employee benefits market, and your best prospecting can be had among your faithful clientele.  We can help you turn an impressive individual sale into a multi-life windfall.

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