What is Failure to Survive Insurance?

Over the last several decades, the Surplus Lines specialty market has been successful in developing some of the life and health insurance industry’s most brilliant and forward-thinking products for American businesses. Failure to Survive (FTS) insurance is one such incredible evolution that has gained an immense following of U.S. brokers as of late.

The insurance goes by various names throughout the industry, but the basic FTS product is similar in format to term insurance for third-party applications. Its main purpose is to address key person, buy/sell or business loan situations where there is a financial obligation to insure a business contract upon the death of an individual (usually the business owner or key employee). It is also commonly used to indemnify divorce decrees and court orders.

The real magic of the FTS product is that it can be underwritten very quickly. The average turnaround time from receipt of application (short one-pager) to the binding of coverage is less than 48 hours. Underwriters offer simplified issuance of the coverage without cumbersome requirements like time-consuming, sometimes intimidating physical exams and lab work.

The quick underwriting period allows policy owners to meet the strict and time-sensitive deadlines mandated by lending institutions on loan agreements. An FTS policy can also be extremely useful when traditional universal or term insurance underwriting is holding-up a business deal hinged upon the indemnification of a corporate buy/sell agreement.

Failure to Survive insurance has many impactful uses in the market today and can help you save cases that you otherwise thought were dead in the water or at the very least faltering. FTS coverage is another great everyday solution for the pervasive complications encountered in the U.S. life/health market.

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