Petersen International Underwriters' Contributions


2012- More unique innovations to come...

2012- Instrumental in passing bills that amended previous legislation prohibiting the sale of special use disability insurance in Iowa and Nebraska.

2011- Launched a suite of online producer tools designed to streamline production.

2010- Developed the Professional Equity Guard Plan to protect professional sole proprietor companies.

2009- Developed and introduced the industry’s first Disability Financial Planning Portfolio.

2008- Introduced contingency insurance plans for Disability, Failure to Survive and Non-Appearance cases.

2006-Instrumental in passage of bill in New York to amend the insurance law in relation to salary protection insurance.

2005-Founding member of the International DI Society dedicated to preserving the Disability Insurance Industry

2003-War & Terrorism Insurance created for persons who have accepted work assignments in Afghanistan, Iraq and other danger areas.

2002-Launched group excess disability plans for highly compensated employees.  Wrote the white paper, “Disability Insurance In America.”

2001-Developed the first severance agreement disability plan.

2000-Coverage to insure Venture Capitalists loss due to disability of Key persons, and Severance Benefits for persons disemployed due to merger and Acquisition.

1999-Increased Maximum Benefit on International Major Medical Plans to $5,000,000 per person

1998-Binding Authority at Lloyd’s increased to $20,000,000 per person

1997-Professional Athletes Disability Insurance Benefits in force exceeds 800 million dollars.

1996-Developed special plans of disability insurance that are sponsored by the Country Music Association and by the National Hockey League Players Association.

1995-Created an Entertainment Division to underwrite a menu of “Entertainment Disability Plans” for persons in the field of entertainment: Disability, Medical, Non-Appearance and Event Cancellation.

1994-Developed Umbrella Major Medical Plan for persons wanting greater coverage than provided by their existing plan.

1993-Created special Disability Plans for Entertainers and Professional Athletes.

1992-Developed Kidnap/Ransom Insurance, Confidential Life and Special Use Term Life Plans.  Wrote the paper, “Income As An Asset.”

1991-Developed, “The Bridge Plan”, a substitute Medicare Plan for U.S. citizens and foreign nationals while awaiting eligibility to participate in Medicare.

1990-Admitted to do business in Canada.  Wrote the book, “The Disability Insurance Tax Digest.”

1989-Created, “The International Major Medical Plan” for U.S. citizens and foreign nationals while traveling or living in other countries.

1988-Binding authority at Lloyd’s raised to $10,000,000 per person.  Wrote the book, “Cashing In On Cash Value Disability Insurance.”

1987-Produced and published the books, “The Untold Truths about Disability Insurance” and “Life Is Just A Cash Flow.”

1986-Developed the "Disability Financial Planning Course", leading to designation of Disability Financial Planner (DFP).

1985-The National Association of Health Underwriters named W. Harold Petersen, RHU, President of Petersen International, recipient of the Harold R. Gordon Memorial Award, the Health Insurance Industry's highest accolade.

1983-Appointed as a Correspondent to Lloyd's with in-house authority up to $5,000,000 per person.

1979-Licensed and functioned as Surplus Excess Lines Broker and Registered Administrator.

1973-Became the nation's largest producer of Return of Premium disability plans.

1972-Developed multiple life discount premium plan for endorsed mass marketed plans.

1971-Created and underwrote the first Residual Disability Benefit Plan.

1968-Introduced payroll deduction, life and disability plans for government employees.

1964-Created the "Health Insurance in Business Planning Course"; overhead expense, buy-sell, key-person and loan indemnification.

1963-Created the unique "Health Insurance Training Course" with emphasis on disability insurance.

1962-Developed first successful Disability Cash Value and Refund of Premium Plans.

1961-Created an underwriting facility for high limit disability insurance combined with comprehensive underwriting system to extend coverage to substandard and unusual occupational risks.

1960-Established Underwriters National Assurance Company, a legal reserve life insurance company, which specialized in disability insurance.

1959-Established Advanced Health Underwriting Seminars at leading universities: Purdue, Florida State, Notre Dame, Indiana, Butler, Michigan State, USC, Tulane.

1958-Created the Disability Insurance Training Council Study Course for agents and brokers.

1957-Established Accident and Health Division, American United Life.

1952-Established Special Risks Department, Mutual of Omaha, Reinsured at Lloyd's.

1950-Design of the very first policies to qualify under the sweeping California Minimum Benefits Law.

1948-Developed premium ratings on Disability Insurance to accommodate the insuring of sub-standard risks.