Graded Benefit Disability Insurance

How the plan works

Graded Benefit DI protects personal income at 65%, up to $20,000 per month. Conditions which are graded are covered at a level benefit of either 80%, 65% or 50% of the monthly benefit amount. The definition of disability is specialty own occupation for the full benefit period. The term of insurance is guaranteed for five years and is non-cancelable. Choice of three benefit levels will enable any hard to place case an affordable premium.

Graded Benefit Levels

Issue Ages:
up to 64
Coverage Limits:
65% up to $20,000 per month
Elimination Periods:
60, 90, 180, or 365 Days
Maximum Benefit Period:
36, 48, or 60 Months
Graded Benefit Options:
80%, 65%, or 50%
Occupation Definition:
Own occupation including specialties
Optional Riders:
Residual & COLA
Most occupations considered