# 1 Insurance Need is DI!

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# 1 Insurance Need is DI!

A recent survey indicated that the number one concern for U. S. households is the
sudden loss of income. Yet when the same people were asked about listing their
insurance coverages in order of priority, Disability Insurance fell way down the list. Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance all beat out Disability Insurance.

The message here is that professional insurance purveyors have done a great job of mis-communicating the priority of risk. Of all the insurance available in today’s market, there is only one insurance that pays the INSURED! Please make sure your clients understand priority of risk properly so that they understand their insurance priorities. Medical Insurance, the number one sought after insurance, pays the doctors, nurses, and the hospital executives, guaranteeing their standards of living. Auto Insurance pays the auto dealer, the auto mechanics, and body repair experts. Homeowners Insurance will keep the carpenters and craftsmen paid. Life Insurance does not even pay you, but rather pays your survivors.

Our industry has done a great job of making sure many paychecks get covered, EXCEPT the most important one, and that is the INSURED’S! The new message: “Time to be part of the ‘Me’ generation and to pay yourself first!”

Perhaps we all need a sticker on our dressing room mirror that states, “The #1 Insurance Need Is DI!” It has been kept a secret for over 100 years. A reminder is needed. Petersen International is the place to come for help with establishing your clients’ insurance priorities.