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The Communicator
February 10, 2015

Important Reminders for Those Exiting the USA


Medical insurance benefits are affected when a person leaves the country.

As all U.S. residents have recently been mandated to acquire and hold valid healthcare, many of us Americans have been reviewing our policies and plan options.  Yet during this much-needed familiarization with the benefits we are provided by our carriers, most insured persons miss vital details in the fine print; the comprehensive nature of health insurance plans ends at the U.S. border.  The international benefits provided by most U.S. carriers are limited to coverage for emergencies and nothing more.  Other insurers have overseas benefit maximums of $25,000 to $50,000.  When your clients take those special family vacations abroad and those international business trips, they aren’t completely protected.

As the inventor of international major medical insurance in the United States, Petersen International offers various comprehensive healthcare plans to fit the coverage needs and budgets of anyone traveling outside the U.S. while on a weekend cruise or on a long-term foreign assignment.  Essential components include full accident and sickness benefits, emergency evacuation, repatriation and trip cancellation.

Traditional life insurance isn’t available everywhere in the world.

Business persons, missionaries, retired expatriates and government contractors stationed and living in foreign countries require life insurance like the rest of us.  However, American life companies will not underwrite U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S. or even those with extensive foreign travel itineraries.  Furthermore, life carriers require applications be signed and policies delivered on U.S. soil.

Petersen’s International Term Life product doesn’t have such impediments.  Short and long term policies are available to American nationals living anywhere in the world including war zones and terrorism hotspots.  Applications and any necessary exams and labs can be completed overseas, making the agent’s duties and the product sale more effortless.

Kidnappings for ransom are more common than most Americans believe.

Professional kidnappings have become a booming business and an epidemic of global proportions.  Over 25,000 people are kidnapped for ransom annually, creating an international business that grew to over a billion dollars last year.  Although most kidnappings are of local nationals, American tourists and those working overseas for U.S. firms make prime targets for criminals and terror groups seeking funding for their illicit organizations.

Besides careful planning and caution of one’s surroundings, Petersen International’s Kidnap & Ransom Insurance is the best asset your clients can purchase when visiting locales infamous for such risks.  Coverage is available anywhere in the world, and key benefits include ransom reimbursement, personal accident coverage and most importantly, access to a veteran crisis response team that has the experience and local knowledge to ensure the safe return of the victim.


Help keep your clients healthy, safe and financially sound when they travel abroad.  Contact Petersen International for more information (800) 345-8816.



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