A New DI Frontier

In this era so dominated by social media platforms and by the Millennial and Generation Z mindsets, fame has found its way to persons of many genres, talents and walks of life that tend to push the boundaries of the traditional, perhaps antiquated idea and role of “celebrity.”

Our computerized world has groomed new outlets of entertainment that have created public personas falling outside familiar definitions.  It seems that nowadays anyone whose likeness stumbles in front of a camera is eligible for fame, fortune and celebrity status.  Merit, talent and likeability are not always prerequisites.

Internet and social media sources have spawned their own world of unconventional stars including YouTubers, influencers, TikTokers and podcasters whose produced content is viewed and listened to by millions of faithful followers which in turn generates sponsorship and advertising revenues that equate to skyrocketing annual incomes frequently in the six, seven and even eight figure ranges.

And although the idea of the internet celebrity may seem alien, surreal or even absurd in many cases, their earning potentials and consistent income marks make them relevant today, especially to you the insurance agent.  Their fame has done them well, and they have insurance and financial protection needs just like any other Hollywood star.

Petersen International offers several high-limit disability programs including the StarCover Plan to provide long-term, own-occupation income protection insurance to this new wave of contemporary public figures.  Their newfound fortunes are at risk in the face of disablement just like any other working American.

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