Fate can be cruel and indiscriminate.  A promising young professional is out in the big city for a night of fun and frivolity with some co-workers, naïve of what dangers lurk for him in the shadows.  He is vulnerable.  Waiting for the crosswalk on a dimly lit street corner, the man feels a sudden and heavy pressure to the back of his head, followed by an immensely sharp pain and then blackness.  He is unconscious.

Groggily coming to his senses, the young man is completely unaware of his surroundings.  It is dark and he is alone and utterly confused.  Next he notices his wrists and ankles are bound by thick coarse rope, and slowly, the throbbing in his head is replaced by the pounding in his chest.  He feels a primal sense of fear, then panic washes over his body, numbing the nerve endings with adrenaline.  The man struggles to no avail as he comes to the realization that his life, his very existence lies in the hands of something other than himself.