Adjusting to Transitions in Healthcare

The U.S. health insurance market is currently a volatile environment. Uncertainty abound, insurance agents, brokers, advisors and analysts are seeking additional insight and further understanding regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare.” Changes are coming that will affect most Americans through policy reform or through taxation. And many of us are unsure about the general future of the health insurance industry.

Petersen International Underwriters would like to add another tool to the life and health agent’s repertoire that might help temper these future transitions and soften the frustrations of your medical insurance clients. We would like to introduce the Short Term Major Medical Plan which is a recent addition to our portfolio of specialty health insurance products.

Whether your client is changing occupations or employers, moving to a new state or has simply become unemployed, your client and your client’s family may be (for a short period of time at the very least) without basic health insurance that most of us find indispensible. For a multitude of reasons, many Americans find themselves in a transition period, waiting for group benefits to commence, without the fundamental security of medical insurance. Even in the short term, a lack of healthcare poses an immense economic risk to an individual and that individual’s family should they encounter major medical expenses.

The solution is the Short Term Major Medical Plan developed by Petersen International Underwriters. This product provides major medical insurance without any co-pays or co-insurance to clients who are between group health plans or are not yet eligible for individual private medical plans. Coverage is offered in terms from one day to eleven months and provides a maximum benefit up to $1,000,000 regardless of citizenship or residency status. Also, the coverage is not limited to a specific network of providers and physicians. Short Term Major Medical Plan clients may be treated by any physician or at any hospital in the United States. Additional coverage is also available for hazardous sports and activities exposure.

Allow your clients the freedom, flexibility and extensive benefits of the Short Term Major Medical Plan. Call Petersen International Underwriters today.