After the WTC Disaster


The deep sadness that runs through the soul of real Americans will never fully go away, for those people affected by this event, directly or indirectly will remember that our country and all our people were accosted in a hideous and cowardly way. Our leaders advise us we cannot successfully hurry into a revenge maneuver. It is a war, but a new kind of war. To win we will be obligated to commit un-American acts, do un-American things and whip the monsters with their own techniques. This is distasteful to us, but we have fought new wars before . . and we stand with pride that we prevailed.

In our early wars, armies fought face to face, in open areas, without camouflage or protection. It was the brave and honorable way to fight a war. “Soldiers are not afraid to die on the field of honor”, was taught by military leaders. Words like, “cowardly enemies” were used to describe those who would not fight in open fields, but instead from forests and hillocks where protection was available.

Other words like “outflanked”, “trapped”, “ambush”, “armour”, “retreat and repeat” indicated how the rules of war had changed. We changed… We learned… We perfected… We WON! By our nature as freedom loving and freedom believing people we did not enslave, rape, rob or steal the property and wares of the enemy. Instead we collected their weapons of war, presented them an opportunity to surrender in dignity, and then we gifted tools, we loaned capitol, and we helped them establish a democratic, and self sufficient way of life. In this new war there are only military and civilian uniforms, but whatever we wear, we must all be soldiers, always alert to terrorists efforts. Alert to use persuasion to convert the perverted minds from hatred to respect, from domination by fear and intimidation to an understanding that Americans will never waiver from freedom – freedom of religion, tolerance of other ethnic peoples, freedom of speech, of assemblage, of enterprise. Our new diligence and awareness is a part of the New War. Over time we’ll prevail, slowly at first and then in a geometric progression of closing out the enemy. This victory is our obligation to the wonderful Americans who lost their lives at the WTC. We will dedicate it to their memories. And, once again, America will have saved the world and restored it to it’s intended use as a place to live in peace, harmony, friendship and with love and respect for all others. Now we start the long fight by going back to work and make freedom a war call.


Emotionally shattered by the WTC catastrophe, people are reaching out for forms of security. Substantial and material accident insurance is seldom offered or suggested by professional insurance producers for reasons of their own. Not to be denied consumers have turned to mail order ads, credit card offerings, counters at airports and travel agencies. These plans are cheap in price, but inadequate as to benefits.

The professional insurance producer feels he / she has supplied an adequate amount of life insurance for the client and cannot reconcile why the client should feel that he/she is worth more if death comes by accident as opposed to sickness. Sometimes we find that, our service to clients is to appease them and not oppose them. So take heed, serve your client! Deliver sound respectable and adequate amounts of accident insurance if that is the desire.


Sickness with it’s warning symptoms allows a lead time to prepare for the emotional and economic consequences that follow. Accidents strike without warning. Medical insurance and disability insurance often falls short of covering costs inherent with accidental bodily injuries, especially in the case of specific losses of limb, sight, speech or hearing.

As an example, Adrienne Alpert, the ABCTV news woman who was nearly fatally burned when the antenna on her news truck was raised and touched a high power electric line. She lost a leg, part of her other foot, and part of an arm. Joyfully she has recovered and is back at work. A $1,000,000 dismemberment benefit would have been fitting for her financial need. Prosthetic devices are not covered by medical plans. Rehabilitation and fitting of the devices are substantial uninsured expenses.

Alex Zanardi, leading the American Memorial 500 race on September 14, 2001 lost control of his car on exit from the pits. He was hit broadside by the winning car, then traveling at 200 m.p.h. It appears he will live, but he lost BOTH LEGS! (NOTE: our RACECOVER contains dismemberment benefits in addition to disability benefits. We do not have insurance on Zanardi).

People who frequently travel by airplane know that plane crashes happen in bunches of at least three! (Count the planes involved in the WTC attack – Four!)

Some people buy on the basis of need. Others, even though they may have adequate life insurance, buy accident insurance because it is inexpensive and provides a deceased person with a heroic and dramatic exit from life.

Superstition also plays a big role in motivating people to buy. Whatever the reason, we should let the client buy accident insurance for they will buy it with or without a broker and their chances of getting a good plan are somewhere between slim and none.


Issue Limits:                                 $100,000 to $20,000,000, or more
Covers:                                        Accidental Death
Loss of Limb or Limbs
Loss of use of Limb or Limbs
Loss of Sight
Loss of Speech
Loss of Hearing
Optional:                                      Lump Sum Total and Permanent Disability
War and Terrorism coverage
Choice:                                        First or Second to Die option


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