Agents and Brokers, START YOUR ENGINES!

The Memorial Day weekend always brings the excitement of one of the oldest and largest spectator sports in the world. The Indianapolis 500 motor race.

Motor racing has come from modest beginnings over 100 years ago to become one of the most popular sports in the U.S. and the world today. From the traditional Formula One league, to the American adored NASCAR, to the newest generations of extreme motocross and off-road competitions, people’s need for speed can be satiated by a multitude of exhibitions that revolve around a technology that truly revolutionized the modern world: the internal combustion engine.

Racing has evolved into much more than just a driver and his or her engine. The racers are still the crux of the business, but also supported are mechanics and crews, administration personnel, corporate sponsors, giant tracks and arenas, the vendors and many other professionals working to make this sport into the multibillion dollar industry that it is today. This sport generates sizable incomes for team owners, drivers and other crew members who participate in this exhilarating occupation. At risk for losing their big paychecks as well as future winnings and endorsement bonuses should a disability strike, these income earners need our help to protect their paychecks.

We like to highlight our service to these professionals at this time of year when the Indianapolis 500 becomes a fascination for much of the country. Petersen International Underwriters developed “RacerCover” to give our producers the opportunity to offer adequate disability coverage to the men and women in the racing industry.

These are prospective clients that can certainly rev up your DI sales!