An On-Going Series in Support of Disability Insurance Awareness Month

If you missed our previous “Communicator” on Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), here is a quick review. The LIFE Foundation, along with the insurance industry, adds additional public awareness programs on the need for Disability Insurance. May is designated each year as DIAM. This means that your customers will be exposed to the need for disability insurance from many sources.

Petersen International Underwriters is a proud supporter of DIAM and we have focused all of May on using the DIAM resources.

Looking for some marketing ideas? Check these two out!

Purchase a number of the “LIFE Happens” gel awareness bracelets. Wear several at once. When someone asks what the bracelet says, give them one and remind them that unexpected things happen all the time, like disabling illnesses and injuries. Tell them that your job is to help people prepare for the possibility that a disability can happen.

For the YouTube generation, use a humorous approach with the quick “Paycheck Pop Quiz” videos (perfect for those with short attention spans!). Send a link by email, share on Facebook or Twitter, or embed them on your website by grabbing the embed code that’s available under the video on LIFE’s YouTube site.

Don’t underestimate the power of video! Did you know that Petersen International Underwriters has over 20 professionally produced videos that are available for your immediate use? Click here to view our videos or request copies by e-mail at