Are You Prepared for DIAM 2011?

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), LIFE’s goal is to get Americans thinking about their disability insurance needs and to motivate them to do something to address those needs. Here are some of the ways LIFE will be promoting the message about the importance of disability insurance.

LIFE has created a microsite,, to focus Americans on the fact that too many are leaving their most valuable asset—their paycheck—completely unprotected. At the end of April, this will become a standalone microsite that will feature the best of LIFE’s web-based DI resources. It will also be one of two places where consumers can enter the “This Moment Made Possible by My Paycheck” photo contest.

“This Moment Made Possible by My Paycheck” Photo Contest
Accessible through the microsite and LIFE’s Facebook fanpage beginning in late April, this contest will ask consumers to submit a photo with a caption that captures a moment that their paycheck has made possible (e.g., family members enjoying time together in their home, a memorable vacation, etc.). There will be a photo carousel on the microsite, and people who grant LIFE permission will have their photos featured there. It will only take a few minutes to enter, and the person who submits the best photo and caption will receive a $500 giftcard.

DIAM on the LIFE Website and Blog
During May, the homepage of LIFE’s main website will focus on disability insurance, including a link to LIFE’s popular Disability Needs Calculator and the Lifetime Earnings Calculator, which helps consumers appreciate how much money they stand to lose if they were to suffer a disability, and how one’s ability to earn a living is an asset that must be protected with disability insurance. LIFE will also feature disability insurance content on The Insurance Word Blog throughout the month.

Disability e-Cards
LIFE has a suite of electronic greeting cards, designed to give insurance professionals a cost-free way to communicate with people in their communities during DIAM and throughout the year. There are disability insurance e-cards that were developed specifically for use during the May campaign. You can access LIFE’s e-Cards at

Turnkey Planning Kit for Agents
LIFE is creating a new planning kit for agents to use during May, which includes free downloadable flyers for use in mailings and client meetings, a DI sales ideas podcast, links to important DI resources as well as a marketing guide so agents can create their own quick, effective DIAM campaign to reach out to their communities.

Media Outreach
Throughout the year, LIFE reaches out to personal finance reporters at the nation’s leading print and online publications. During May, LIFE’s focus will be on story ideas relating to disability and disability insurance.

Public Service Announcements
LIFE will develop and distribute radio PSAs to 1,000 radio stations across America.