Are You Ready For DIAM?

Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) begins triumphantly next week on May 1st.  For 31 glorious days, those in the know will be rejoicing in all things DI.  There is no time better than now to familiarize your clients with the extreme importance of income protection.  Disability insurance is the most undervalued of coverage in the U.S. life and health market, and that needs to change.  Only we, the brokers, agents and carriers of the insurance world can make the necessary adjustments to intensify the exposure made to our clients.  Americans need to realize the magnitude of financial security that DI can make in their lives.

We need to come together as an industry to stress how difficult life can be without a person’s or a family’s greatest asset – income.  A man or woman without a regular paycheck due to unemployment because of an accident or illness will essentially lose their life as they know it without sufficient economic safeguards for their families and their businesses.  Disability insurance is more important than most Americans know and more important than most insurance professionals know.

DIAM gives all of us a terrific opportunity and a timely reason to address the idea of income protection with our clients, and compare notes with our fellow brokers.  Organizations like the Council for Disability Awareness and Life Happens are altruistic nonprofits that help spread the word for DI.  Both offer helpful media productions, informative tools and market statistics that can be used to drive the point across to your clients.

The Plus Group, a national disability marketing organization, is also assisting in leading that charge for disability insurance awareness.  They are promoting May 5, 2016 as “National DI Day” with meetings, presentations and speaking engagements taking place in various locations all over the country on the same day.  Two of our own, Thomas Petersen and Robert Clark will be presenting on that day in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Later, on May 12, 2016, at the NAIFA California conference in Redondo Beach, Thomas Petersen will be speaking to a crowd of insurance advisors on the topic of asset protection through disability insurance.

Please join Petersen International and many of your colleagues in promoting income protection insurance throughout the month of May and beyond.  We hope you are ready for Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  Make the most of this invaluable opportunity by enlightening your friends, neighbors and clients to the harsh truths and facts of premature, unforeseen disablement and the devastating potential of losing one’s income.  We need to make American income earners aware of how financially vulnerable they truly are.  For more information on DIAM or on any of the upcoming presentations next month, please call us at (800)345-8816.