Areas in Conflict

It has been almost two years since the Russian army invaded Ukraine, sending those nations into a perpetual state of war.  Ground assaults and shelling of military targets continue to destroy and disrupt Ukraine’s infrastructure.  Offensives by Ukrainian and Russian forces occur from time to time, and unfortunately, the number of casualties on both sides of the conflict is significant.

Further south, Israel is once again at war after Hamas militants attacked Israeli civilian populations along Gaza Strip border areas on October 7, 2023.  In retaliation, Israeli forces continue to bombard militant strongholds in Gaza, further straining Palestinian/Israeli relations.

In these many months since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, American companies have been sending employees on a regular basis to Eastern Europe including Ukraine and surrounding countries to assist the millions in need and to provide logistical, consulting and training services to governmental and private Ukrainian entities.  Foreign aid workers, physicians, drone pilots, surveillance technicians, security contractors, journalists, healthcare personnel as well as those assisting in the diaspora of refugees continue to travel to Ukraine. 

In Israel, foreign news outlets are sending correspondents to Gaza and throughout much of the rest of the country as hostilities continue there.  American healthcare workers including doctors are also frequently flying to Israel, volunteering their time to help those affected by the ongoing skirmishes and destruction.

Thousands of Americans are risking their lives traveling to these countries and they are seeking insurances to help indemnify the obvious hazards and potential losses associated with working and residing within a war zone.

Petersen International is currently offering accidental death insurance with war and terrorism benefits, medical evacuation coverage, disability insurance, repatriation coverage, travel medical insurance as well as kidnap and ransom benefits to U.S. residents and employees of U.S.-based companies needing financial protection during their travels to Ukraine, Israel and surrounding locales.

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