Athlete Insurance

The U.S. Constitution, great apple pie and the New York City skyline are just a few iconic elements that make the United States an incredible place to live. Another noteworthy facet of American life is this country’s fanaticism with the game of football.

September marks the end of the annual sports drought that some of us feel through the spring and summer months (I apologize, but I find baseball a less-than-spectacular televised spectator sport). Tailgate parties, backyard barbecues and sports bars all find themselves weekly venues of celebration and inebriated merriment this time of year as millions of Americans cheer-on their favorite collegiate and professional football teams.

Professional athletics has saturated popular culture and become one of the most significant sectors of the entertainment industry with national annual revenues approaching the 50 billion dollar mark. Even average-level talent is making millions per year. Sports stars have become industry moguls in their own right while remaining huge commodities to large corporations. Considering their human-capital value combined with the inherent risky nature of occupation, the situation immediately calls attention to the need for immense amounts of insurance, most importantly, disability insurance.

The career timeline of an athlete is relatively short, and any incidence of illness or injury could prove to be economically devastating to the young men and women trying to earn a lifetime of income during a period usually shorter than 15 years. Income protection is an absolute, and disability insurance is the only feasible answer.

Petersen International Underwriters is the market leader in professional and collegiate athlete insurance. For more than 30 years, we have provided financial protection to the biggest stars of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and PGA. Our temporary and permanent disability programs are the most innovative and robust in the athlete market.

Petersen International has recently partnered with the NFL Players Association in development of an affordable permanent disability benefits platform that is now available to every active player in the National Football League. Policies are guaranteed issue, providing career-ending protection on and off the field.

To find out more information about the NFLPA disability insurance program or for more insight into the athlete market in general, contact our sports department at (800)345-8816.


New Online Enrollment – Short Term Medical

For many months now, the buzz around the healthcare market has been short-term medical insurance.  The public demand for quickly-issued medical coverage has been overwhelming as many Americans suddenly find themselves without proper health insurance.

This country’s recently reformed healthcare system has created insurance shortfalls for U.S. residents that don’t quite fit within the ACA guidelines.  Those awaiting new employee benefits, returning expats, students no longer on family plans and people who have missed healthcare exchange enrollment windows make-up just a few of the many scenarios that unfortunately leave U.S. residents uninsured and unprotected. Read More


Life Insurance for Those Living Overseas

Happy Life Insurance Awareness Month

The U.S. life market is constantly expanding and evolving.  But even so, loop holes and coverage shortfalls are always present in one form or another.  A glaring shortcoming of the U.S. market is that American life companies won’t insure international risks.  U.S. citizens traveling or working outside the country are finding that traditional life insurance carriers aren’t an option. 

Business as we know it has become global.  Rapid growth and advancement of the tech industry has effectively erased many barriers allowing for cultures to decentralize, migrate and comingle, thus promoting capitalistic endeavors to breach the borders of most developed and developing nations.  Corporations have become multi-national and hundreds of thousands of American business persons are working overseas… Read More