Avoiding those Summertime Business Blues

The summer months usually bring bright, cheery weather to most of the northern hemisphere. Here, in Southern California, we head to the beaches or mountain lakes to escape the sweltering temperatures. Our friends on the East Coast are currently trying to beat an oppressive heat and humidity wave. Many of you throughout the United States have had your fair share of unseasonable rain this year, but in most states, the summer brings the sunshine. Good weather calls for barbecues and lazy days of golf.

This is also the season of travel. Children are out of school and parents look to get away from the everyday hustle bustle of life. Whether travel is exotic or domestic, weekend getaways or month-long ocean cruises, Americans are moving around the globe in record numbers this summer. And many of those traveling are your business clients and prospects.

The phones cease to ring on those long Fridays in the office. You are having difficulties getting “face time” with a board of directors or a human resources representative to discuss group disability or life insurance for a number of a company’s executives. You are unable to close a case because you can’t track down the proposed insured during his or her family European vacation. These are reasons for summertime business doldrums in the Life and Accident and Health insurance markets.

Travel GlobePetersen International wants you to try something new this summer. Offer your clients the very best in Travel Medical insurance and Accidental Death insurance. These are some of the easiest sales in the insurance industry. If your clients travel outside the United States, they need Travel Medical insurance including emergency medical evacuation coverage. And if your clients plan to participate in any summertime sports, adventurous activities or travel, they may be inclined to purchase Accidental Death insurance to supplement their existing Life insurance policies.

The USAway International Major Medical Plan is guaranteed issue and is available through an online application providing immediate policy issue and proof of insurance. The High Limit Accident Plan is simplified issue and is also available through an online application providing timely policy issue and proof of insurance. We can provide you with customized online application links for these inexpensive, but effective products.

Shake the business blues and contact us today to learn more about increasing your summertime sales.