Bank Loan Contingency Life

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Bank Loan Contingency Life

Take the case of…

… Mr. Real Estate Developer who had a project that needed to be funded. The lender was requiring life insurance to be in place on the key person. Two years ago Mr. Real Estate Developer had a bout with cancer, making him unable to find a life carrier willing to offer him coverage. In hopes of closing the deal by the end of the month, Mr. Real Estate Developer’s agent called Petersen International Underwriters on a Thursday afternoon looking for help. Jumping into action, Petersen International Underwriters quoted $5,000,000 of coverage using their Bank Loan Contingent Life Plan.

The only underwriting requirements were a one page application and a copy of the loan documents. Receiving this information on Friday morning, Petersen International Underwriters was able to underwrite and bind coverage that same day. By emailing the agent a copy of the declaration page to provide the bank with proof of coverage, the lender was then able to fund the loan.

Was this insurance agent a hero or what! Let Petersen International Underwriters help you become a hero to your clients with their line of specialized products.

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