Congratulations to Terie Garcia!

It is with mixed emotions, but mostly great happiness that Petersen International would like to announce the retirement of Terie Garcia, one of the earliest and currently longest-standing employees at Petersen International. I know I speak for the rest of my colleagues and Terie’s co-workers when I say this inevitability is truly bittersweet. Although we are excited for her to be moving on to the next highly anticipated chapter of life, we will all miss her and the incredible work she has delivered to PIU over the last 36 years.

Terie was hired by W. Harold Petersen when the firm was in its relative infancy in 1985, working out of Harold’s own home in West Los Angeles. She was just one of two employees at the time, but as the company grew and evolved into the long-established corporation it is today, Terie remained loyal to her employers and moved her young family when the Petersens moved to Valencia.

Today, she is a senior disability medical underwriter and is the team leader of PIU’s case management department. Her diligent work ethic, attention to detail and acumen in the field of medicine and medical underwriting will certainly be a challenge to replace, but she has caringly trained her staff well and has mentored many throughout the years.

It is certain a future life of travel and leisure will be bright and much deserved for Terie. She will now be able to spend more time with her recently-retired husband and their daughter’s family including their first grandson.

Petersen International will sorely miss Terie, but she will always remain an integral piece of the PIU history and the Petersen family.

On a personal note, I am Terie’s son-in-law, and I have appreciated her help and guidance in this business for the last 16 years. How many people can/would say they will miss working with their mother-in-law?

Congratulations Terie!