Customized Links

Apply – Approve – Pay – Print Policy – All Online

Customized links available through Petersen International Underwriters.

What is a PIU Customized Link? As you may know, a link is a word or sentence or a group of numbers/letters that maintains its connection to another object. A PIU customized link directs a client to an online application for either High Limit Accident or International Medical insurance. Each link is customized to a specific insurance agent.

What do you do with this link? You can place these links on your own website, into an email or as an attachment in an email.

Then what happens? When a client clicks on the link, it will take them to a specialized website that allows them to buy insurance online.

Why is this so exciting? By providing your clients access to your customized link, they can go online 24/7/365, apply for and issue their very own policy, AND this will still give the agent commission credit on the case.

This is so exciting, I wanted to make sure you understand what we just said … you might be at home on Sunday afternoon enjoying a barbeque with your friends when your best client goes to the custom link you provided him/her and fills out the application for an International Major Medical policy and/or an Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy, enjoys the instant approval, pays the premium online with a credit card and prints out his/her own policy to take with him/her on his/her trip to South America the next day. You will have an email waiting for you when you arrive at your office the next day advising that a policy was issued and your commission check will be sent within a matter of days.

Oh, did I mention that you did not burn the steaks on the barbeque while you handled this emergency request from your best client?