Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Defeating the Tarzan Syndrome

Defeating the Tarzan Syndrome
Disability … Can It Happen To You?
We all need validation in our jobs because that is what drives us to get up every morning, get dressed and enjoy what our lives have to offer. Petersen International Underwriters has been educating our industry about the importance of disability insurance for more than 30 years. Understanding the cornerstone of any financial plan requires first the protection of income, for without a source of income people in our cash driven society will become destitute. We are not Tarzans who have the ability to live in the jungle and survive all of the torments of nature. We are not Tarzans who escape injury or sickness because we are so fit and healthy. We are not Tarzans who can call on all the animals of the jungle to bail us out of trouble and save us from disaster. We are mere mortals subject to falling sick or becoming injured.
Daily reminders are out there as to why we work so hard to educate the public (and insurance producers) about the importance of disability insurance. This morning a long time friend and associate related to me an accident that he had on the golf course earlier in the year which caused him to undergo six surgeries followed by months of painful physical therapy. This accident put a stress on his ability to perform his job. He was telling me how thankful he was for putting in a disability claim as opposed to his wife putting in a death claim. The disability insurance, which he sold to himself many years ago, played a major role in helping his family to financially maintain its equilibrium during his recovery.
This reminds us that we can do a much better job selling disability insurance to our clients if we ourselves are believers in the products we sell. Based on the many stories I have heard from insurance agents over the years, I would say we better be believers! Be a hero and prescribe the life saving income protection product known as disability insurance today.