DI Awareness Month

Welcome to Disability Insurance Awareness Month 2021. The last 14 months have seen much change to our country with numerous alterations to how many industries conduct business. Although social distancing, working from home and video conferences are the new normal, increases in vaccination rates have given way to lower COVID infection rates and deaths around much of the country. In-person financial services business is slowly spreading after agonizing months of stagnant business travel and a complete shutdown of trade conferences and expos. Although most of our industry has quickly adapted to Zoom meetings and online symposiums, it will be personally comforting and more business friendly when we are eventually able to meet face to face once again.

In fact, later in the year in Dallas, the International DI Society is once again holding an in-person national conference, and I have been informed the anticipated attendance is outstanding.

But back to Disability Insurance Awareness Month. What makes this month so special? Why are some of us impassioned about disability insurance, and what makes the prospects of selling more DI important? Many of those who specialize in marketing DI do so with more in mind than simply a commission. DI Awareness Month is special because we recognize its fundamental importance to the working American. Too many of us have seen the financial struggles of uninsured families when an income earner loses his/her physical ability to make a decent living, and we have heard the stories and witnessed firsthand our clients having been saved by the benefits of a disability policy. We have seen them keep their homes, pay their bills, send their children to college even though an accident or an illness has taken their ability to work.

In the grand scheme of things, the DI industry is a minute fraction of health insurance sales in this country, but disability insurance is imperative and has a significant impact.

During one’s working years, disablement is as much a reality as dying. You would therefore think this type of insurance would be prescribed as readily as life insurance, but that isn’t the case. DI is relatively neglected, and that is why this month is so important to the greater insurance industry and to the American workforce.

We need to show the people of this country that they are at extreme financial risk without adequate amounts of personal disability insurance. Their businesses are at extreme financial risk without adequate amounts of business disability insurance. And we need to remind the insurance agents, brokers and advisors of this country how to promote and sell DI.

Organizations like the International DI Society, the Council for Disability Awareness and Life Happens put enormous effort and backing each year into the promotion of disability insurance in the United States, and May is their month to shine. Please check-out their websites for a vast depository of disability-related information, statistics, videos and tools that you can utilize for your own marketing and business purposes. Help promote disability insurance awareness.