DI For Pilots: In The Air & On The Water

Petersen International has long been in the pilot insurance business.  For years we have provided aviators with personal disability coverage on individual and group platforms.  We have also been working closely with airlines and associations to bring the most comprehensive of income protection products to a broader population of the aviation community.

Over time, insurance needs evolve and progress as witnessed throughout all sectors of the life and health industry.  The commercial and corporate pilot sector is one that has appealed for product evolution and modernization in the recent past, and Petersen International has been keenly aware of this surging demand for more sophisticated disability coverage. 

In response, we have developed Loss of License Pilot Insurance for professional aviators.  The coverage is designed to financially indemnify a pilot’s ability to earn a living, and more specifically, the suspension or revocation of a pilot’s medical certificate by the appropriate governing body due to injury or illness.  This product has already proven to be a breakthrough in the aviation world.
You may have already been aware of our financial tools for those that fly aircraft professionally, but do you know that we also insure pilots who make their living on the water?  I’m referring to the maritime industry and those better known as harbor pilots, river pilots and bar pilots.  These insurance prospects are some of the best in the country.  They are highly skilled, they are found on bodies of water throughout the country and they have relatively large salaries.  Yet, most disability carriers avoid insuring maritime pilots due to the physical and psychological hazards of their occupation.

Petersen International, on the other hand, has fully embraced the market.  Utilizing our Disability Insurance Solutions plan, we can insure up to 65% of a harbor pilot’s income with no monthly cap.  The product offers specialty-specific “own occupation” coverage with benefits available for periods up to five years, and incredibly, we are able provide guaranteed-issue cover to harbor pilot groups; comprehensive disability insurance for maritime pilots with no underwriting!

Whether you are in touch with members of the aviation community or with those who pilot ships for a living, Petersen International offers the greatest product lines for the financial protection of personal income.  Contact us for more information at (800)345-8816 or at piu@piu.org.