DI for the Rest of the Entertainment Industry

In a recent issue of “The Communicator”, we reintroduced you to the StarCover high-limit disability insurance plan that is specifically designed to protect the incomes of Hollywood stars who make their living with their likeness in front of the camera.  They are the big names that get you to pay exorbitant prices at concerts and at the cinema. 

But what about the rest of the hundreds of thousands of hard-working people that devote their lives to physically making those movies, writing those scripts or producing those concerts?  What about the people behind the scenes?  Don’t they deserve the same level of financial protection through comprehensive disability insurance?  Absolutely.

The entertainment industry has historically been considered a high-risk market for traditional disability carriers to insure because of a variety of factors.  Companies are uncomfortable with the many months of unemployment in-between projects and with the royalty income that inevitably continues even when persons from the industry become disabled.  Additionally, many persons working in the industry have huge incomes and require large monthly DI benefits that traditional carriers cannot accommodate.

At first glance, these cases may seem difficult to place, but that is not so in the specialty disability market.  Petersen International’s Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plan has been developed to meet the unique needs demanded by those working in movies, television, stage, internet and music.

The Petersen plan’s scope of financial protection is quite flexible and broad in nature so as to accommodate the needs of the entire spectrum of entertainment industry occupations.  Policies can be custom designed for those making modest incomes like stagehands and camera operators as well as for those making astronomical earnings like famous film directors and producers.  Petersen’s Entertainment Industry DI program is quite capable of covering the entire gamut.

The benefit platform consists of “own occupation” definitions and provides monthly benefits as well as the availability of lump sum permanent disability benefit structures.  This dynamic financial protection model is fortified with residual disability and cost of living adjustment riders as well.

Call the Petersen International DI team at (800)345-8816 to learn more about income protection for anyone working in the American entertainment industry.