Did You Miss Your Medicare Enrollment?

Many senior-aged individuals are not aware of the need to enroll in Medicare before they become 65 years old. By paying 40 quarters into the Medicare system through paycheck deductions, Americans are prepaying Medicare Part A premiums, but Part B coverage requires additional monthly premium payments. If the Medicare enrollment window is missed, the client must wait until the next open enrollment period (the first quarter of the calendar year) to apply for Medicare Part B insurance. Coverage can then become effective the first of July of that following year; your clients may be living uninsured for 12 months or more!

Nearing that “Medicare age”, many employed persons are still covered through group health plans or have been moved onto COBRA, and most will lack the proper insight into Medicare or sufficient advisement from an insurance professional. Many will miss Medicare enrollment dates or will have waiting periods imposed.

Petersen International Underwriters offers a medical insurance product unique to the life and health market. The Bridge Plan was designed to simulate Medicare Part A and/or Part B for those who have missed Medicare enrollment. The Bridge Plan is also proven to be a helpful tool for foreign nationals and new U.S. residents who are not yet eligible for Medicare enrollment.

With the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare and ever changing rules and regulations, the road to Medicare in this country is worrisome and uncertain. Don’t let your clients go fully or partially uninsured when approaching Medicare enrollment. Offer your clients the Bridge Plan.