Disability Insurance Awareness Month Is Under Way

Happy DIAM! It’s official … and I hope you’re off to a strong start. I wanted to touch base to let you know that the new microsite is live. Check it out at www.protectyourpaycheck.org

It contains all of LIFE’s great third-party DI resources and tools in a streamlined and easy-to-navigate environment. Plus, during May, the homepage features LIFE’s “This Moment Made Possible by My Paycheck” photo contest.

It’s been live for just a couple of days, and already has a great array of photos. It’s fun and easy for people to enter the contest … and who doesn’t have a great moment to share that their paycheck has made possible? While people are there, entering the contest, they are exposed to the important “protect your paycheck with disability insurance” message.

The contest can be accessed through the microsite as well as LIFE’s Facebook fanpage atwww.facebook.com/lifehappens.org

This contest is a great way for you to leverage social media and the Protect Your Paycheck message, without the heavy lifting. What could be better?

Also, check out all that LIFE is doing during DIAM at www.lifehappens.org/diam-plans