Disaster Can Be but a Moment Away

Life is precious, but the human body is fragile. Although Mother Nature has given us a sturdy structure of bone, muscle and tissue with the incredible ability to withstand trauma and heal, we aren’t impervious. No matter how healthy a person may be and no matter how much he or she stays physically fit, every human body is susceptible to injury from external forces that can happen anytime, anywhere.

Last week I was reading a heartbreaking story online from a local newspaper about a happily married 33-year old gentleman who was riding his motorcycle on a rural highway in Southern California. He was making his way to a charity event that he helped organize to raise money for Christmas toys for less fortunate children. He lost control of his motorcycle and rear-ended a pick-up truck. He suffered severe injuries in the accident and tragically succumbed several days later. We never think those horrible things will happen to us or to our loved ones, but everyday news sources are filled with similar stories.

Accidents and violent acts take the lives of good people every day. Most of us live in a fast-paced world of freeways, trains and airplanes where technology and speed lend to our risk exposure. Every time you get into a car, walk across the street, jump into a swimming pool, your life is at some level of increased risk. We are also witnessing more frequent criminal acts of terrorism and mass-casualty violence spreading through much of the civilized world including here at home throughout much of the United States.

To indemnify such horrific risk, we buy life insurance. But life insurance isn’t always the right fit and frequently isn’t enough protection or isn’t available. Accidental death insurance should always be considered, not as a second choice or last resort, but as a supplement to traditional life insurance.

Petersen International is the country’s foremost purveyor of high-limit, stand-alone accidental death insurance. Our simplified-issue platform provides large amounts of valuable protection over and above personal life coverage without the requirement of full medical underwriting. Short-term and long-term individual and group policies are available and include benefits for claims arising during acts of war and terrorism anywhere in the world. The policies don’t require any exams or blood draws and can be underwritten in a matter of days.

Additionally, our high-limit accident plan is a great source of financial protection for professional and private pilots. The rates are usually lower than those pesky, expensive flat extras charged by domestic life carriers.

Considering the natural and manmade hazards we face every day, accidental death insurance is a smart, easy and relatively inexpensive way to further financially protect your clients no matter who they are and no matter how much money they make. Remember and please remind your clients frequently that both physical and financial disaster can be but a moment away. Contact Petersen International at (800)345-8816 to receive a full outline of benefits.