Dynamics of the International Major Medical


In the year ahead 46,000,000 Americans will travel outside the U.S., and 45,000,000 Foreign Nationals will visit the U.S. Nearly 100 million persons will have
a need for travel or International Medical Insurance.

This is a Dynamic Niché for it frequently develops important tangential sales.

It is seldom that a significant commission is generated on a one-person one trip basis. But, behind each case there is a unusual story and a significant potential. The potential maybe as modest as a need for coverage on next year’s trip, or as profitable as some of the cases we handled last week.

  1. A Pharmaceuticals manufacture treated 5,000 of its managers to a weekend at Disneyworld. The firm knew of Petersen International because of articles
    in trade journals. The broker got our quote and sold the case. Premiums – $54,000.
  2. An entertainment promoter asked a broker for medical coverage on a 19 person musical group for a two-week tour of the U.S. Premium – $ 1,700, but
    the promoter has groups coming and going, worldwide, around the calendar.
  3. A U.S. firm has forty eight executives who travel outside the U.S. an average of ten days per year. Our plan proved to be the best of the coverage’s which were considered at $2,010. We are now quoting on an annual policy basis for the entire sales department. This premium will exceed $100,000.
  4. An International Business Consulting firm has 3000 independent contractors in various parts of the world. At a rate of $250 per person to be covered X
    3,000 persons = $750,000 . . . . PER MONTH. PLUS . . . . coverage on Spouses and Children! and the potential for International Disability and Life Insurance has yet to be discussed.

Petersen International Underwriters developed and pioneered the first individual International Medical Insurance plans. Producers can rely on the excellence of coverage, attractiveness of price and the staying power to sustain its leadership role.