Easy Money – The Fortune 500 Program


The April 15, 2004 issue of The Communicator celebrated the 50th year of Fortune Magazines publication of the top 500 Companies in America. In a reference to the 10/10/02 Communicator article detailing the sad and serious disability condition of vastly underinsured executives who work for Fortune 500 companies, we offered a $500 bonus on any disability cases on such persons.

It was a costly program for us, and a very rewarding program for those who took advantage of the offer. Some producers have asked us to do a repeat to take advantage of EASY MONEY. We are going to do it, but with a clarification of the rules.

  1. Business written by July 4th and placed by August 31, 2004 will be eligible.
  2. If business is written on a discounted premium, multi-life basis a maximum of two $500 bonuses will apply.
  3. Make the submission known to our underwriters for they may not recognize the employer listed on the application as a Fortune 500 Company.


Eligible Coverages: Any plan issued on a 3-year term basis.

  1. Client to prepay three years annual premium
    • Client is granted a 10% annual discount x 3 = 30% savings
    • Client locks in terms and guarantees for 3 full years
  2. Producer receives commissions on the discounted, pre-paid 3 years premium up front!


Vacation and travel peeks in the summer months. To celebrate the season we offer DOUBLE INCENTIVES during the months of June July and August.

INCENTIVE NUMBER ONE – – – client will enjoy a 10% savings on the FIRST PREMIUM of any SECOND policy purchased simultaneously with another policy.

INCENTIVE NUMBER TWO – – – Producer will enjoy a 33 1/3% increase in commissions on the FIRST PREMIUMS of BOTH POLICIES.


High Limit Disability and International Medical

International Medical and High Limit Accident


The International Olympic committee has announced the purchase of a $172,000,000 policy from Lloyd’s insuring against events that could cancel the games. The premium paid was $6,800,000. This was a bargain and an important part of staging the games.


Eighty-seven alumni members of The American College, the leader in Insurance and Financial Service education, will embark from London on July 30th to cruise the Mediterranean Sea for 13 days on the colleges annual Study-Cruise. They will be aboard the Holland America Line New Westerdam arriving in Athens the day before aboard the Holland America Line New Westerdam arriving in Athens the day before the opening of the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Petersen International will greet the members in London and will host them for a tour of Lloyd’s and a cocktail reception on the day prior to their embarkation.

A Giant Among Us Has Fallen – – –

In Memory

William S. Howard

August 15, 1934 ~ May 15, 2004

No person had more influence in the evolution of life insurance distribution from a controlled force to a largely independent brokerage system than Bill Howard. He died with his boots on in flight from an insurance meeting in New York to his summer home in Oregon.

He founded and built Brokers World Magazine, an insurance journal read by many and appreciated by all. His contributions to our industry as a visionary, a scholar, editor and ombudsman will be missed. He was a good friend.

We grieve with his fine family and staff and bade them good memories and Godspeed in sustaining the dynamic and professional countenance and Godspeed in sustaining the dynamic and professional countenance of Brokers World.