Excuse Me for Mentioning it, but…

To a layperson, insurance is an unappealing product. It has no moving parts, no chrome strips. You can’t eat it, ride on it or sit on it. You don’t even hang it on the wall to show your friends. To most, insurance is simply a costly piece of paper that gets tossed into a dark and dusty drawer, never to be thought of until it is time for the premium to be paid.

Disability income insurance is a different story. It moves. It follows you everywhere. It has attractive accessories called “options.” It is edible, ride-able and sit-able. As a matter of fact, its cash benefits will help pay for anything you desire. Disability insurance is like a wall safe filled with money, providing peace of mind with the knowledge you and your family will never go hungry, will not lose your home, will be comfortably clothed, will be able to financially achieve educational endeavors and will have the ability to adequately fund retirement plans.

Getting sick or hurt and being unable to work affects millions of Americans every year. 48% of all home mortgage defaults are traceable to this cause. The statistics are grim, and they suggest this devilish problem could happen to you. Fortunately, many insurance and financial professionals realize the importance of disability income insurance and the need for complete personal protection.

Financial freedom is the result of good financial planning.

Financial planning begins and ends with income planning.

Life is just a cash flow, and unless the income flow equates to the outgo, financial chaos ensues.

The greatest financial tool yet devised by the mind of man is guaranteed replacement income insurance, and of these insurances, disability income is by all measures the most critical and the most desirable.