Fire Storm

This has been an extra eventful fire season in California.  Here in the southern part of the state, the infamous Santa Ana weather phenomenon has produced record-breaking wind patterns in the last couple of months that have produced sporadic gusts over 70 miles per hour, wreaking havoc on trees and power lines all over this part of the state.  The sustained high winds combined with triple-digit heat and a complete lack of any humidity have created the perfect environment for raging wildfires.

California land management agencies have reported in 2019 over 6,000 fires, 177,000 acres burned, hundreds of homes destroyed, several fatalities and numerous serious injuries.  Just two weeks ago, five separate fires were burning out of control in relatively-close proximity to our corporate office.  Many of our employees were evacuated from their homes, but luckily none lost any property or suffered any injuries thanks to the incredibly diligent work of firefighters and first responders.

Horrific nature of these disasters and other daily reported events like traffic collisions, acts of terrorism and homicides, provides a constant reminder for the need for insurance against the loss of life and limb.  Accidental incidents can unfortunately take the lives of anyone anytime and leave a family or a business in a state of economic dismay.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is the most affordable, direct safeguard against the unfortunate loss of life stemming from unnatural causes.  Petersen International Underwriters has become the country‚Äôs preeminent provider of standalone accidental death insurance.  In addition to a robust, tax-free death benefit, clients may add dismemberment coverage and in some cases, accidental disability riders.  These optional features provide reassurance in case of unforeseen misfortunes.  We also have the ability to offer this product on a short-term basis to U.S. residents traveling or working overseas anywhere in the world.  The product has also proven to be a dependable alternative to life insurance for those who are medically uninsurable in the traditional life markets.

Accidents happen, and the low cost of accidental death insurance should be considered a risk management tool for all businesses and individuals seeking additional financial and estate planning safeguards.  High Limit Accident coverage through Petersen International employs high-benefit limits combined with streamlined underwriting and fast policy approval and issuance. 

Whether the concern is fire, flood or crime, there is no good reason to go uninsured or underinsured against the perils of a sudden and unexpected accident.  Contact Petersen International at (800) 345-8816 to explore the numerous advantages of our High Limit Accident program.