Five Reasons to Look to Petersen International Underwriters

Searching for a Solution? Petersen International Underwriters is an excess and supplemental disability insurance specialty firm. We provide high limit disability insurance to individuals who have tapped-out the “traditional” U.S. disability market resources. Another facet to our expertise is the “substandard” or “hard to place risk” DI market. The following are five examples of the underwriting flexibility and the unique capabilities engineered by Petersen International Underwriters for those needing disability income insurance.

Five specific reasons to look to Petersen International for disability income insurance:

1) Your client is a part time employee: Petersen International Underwriters, unlike domestic carriers, is willing to offer seasonal or part time employees comprehensive disability benefits as long as the income is annually consistent.

2) Your client is self employed or works at home: Many disability insurers are concerned with applicants who have offices in their homes or are recently self-employed. Petersen International is willing to insure these clients as they would any other employed individual.

3) Your client is in the entertainment industry: Situated near Hollywood and the major film studios of the country, Petersen International has been surrounded by the entertainment business for over 40 years and is most comfortable with the industry. We are able to provide clients in film, television and music with the highest benefits found in the disability insurance market.

4) Your client has an adverse medical history or anxiety issues: Many “traditional” disability insurance carriers employ extremely conservative underwriting methods with regards to poor medical and mental health risks. At Petersen’s we use compromise and flexibility in underwriting that allows offers of insurance to clients whom most would consider substandard liabilities.

5) Your client has a high risk or hazardous occupation: We can insure the world’s most dangerous occupations from commercial crab fishermen to underground coal miners. Petersen International Underwriters was founded upon the belief that everyone deserves disability income insurance.