Gearing-Up for 2014

Winter is upon us, and as usual the holiday season brings important and wonderful times spent with family and friends, but can also create a lull in incoming business. Many of your clients or potential prospects are traveling or are dealing with year-end issues in their own businesses. The slowdown can be a bit unnerving, but be patient and aware of the cyclical nature of all financial markets. This is just the calm before the storm. 2014 will prove to be an explosive and prosperous year in the life and health insurance industry.

Take the disability insurance market. Among U.S. and foreign carriers, underwriting guidelines are becoming less stringent, premiums are more competitive and benefit participation limits are steadily increasing. It is a buyer’s market, ideal for consumers and their advising agents. Now is the time to capitalize upon this trend.

Petersen International is geared-up and ready for 2014. We are excited about our new “Accelerated Benefit to Age 65” disability income insurance plan as well as the recent improvements to our “120 Month Benefit” disability policy. And new products and offers are soon on the way! Get ready for 2014, and we promise that Petersen International Underwriters will continue to provide your clients with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge disability, life and health products available in the specialty insurance marketplace.

We wish you a healthy and happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you shortly into 2014.