Groundbreaking Key Person Product Enhancements

As a leader in the Key Person insurance market, Petersen International Underwriters remains in the forefront of innovative and progressive disability underwriting. We are excited to announce the firm’s enlarged capacity to write insurance up to 150% of a key person’s monthly income. Our Key Person Disability benefit limitations are now the highest in the country and allow underwriters to provide your clients with an enhancement not found elsewhere with Key Person coverage.

Businesses of all sizes and structures share a common fear of the unexpected loss of a key employee, partner or owner by death or disability. Loss of time, rebuilding, restructuring and personnel replacement costs can seriously impact the productivity and financial success of a company. Thus, Key Person disability insurance should be a logical and necessary addition to your business clients’ portfolios, sharing equal importance with disability buy/sell and business overhead expense policies.

Petersen International’s Key Person disability benefits are available with monthly or lump sum payouts. The monthly version pays up to 150% of a key person’s monthly income for a period up to 24 months after a short elimination period. The lump sum version pays up to three times a key person’s annual income as a lump sum after a 12 month elimination period. 

Contact us today to learn more about Key Person disability insurance and the other business disability products offered by Petersen International Underwriters.

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