GSI Business Continues to Grow

Executive GroupFor several years now, Petersen International has been singing the praises of Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) disability insurance. It is the most efficient and economical method for business owners to sufficiently insure themselves and their employees against disablement and the subsequent eventuality of loss of income. It is also an incredible door-opening sales tool and commission earner for insurance agents. GSI coverage is multiple-life, high-limit disability insurance that can be placed on top of traditional group disability plans and individual income protection coverage without requirements of intrusive exams or blood tests.

GSI is the fastest growing sector in Petersen’s robust disability insurance portfolio. Premium volume production of this exciting product has increased more than 140% in the past three years due its obvious attractive nature; high limits of specialty-specific, “own occupation” disability insurance without an advisor having to put his or her clients through medical underwriting. This insurance platform is a “no brainer.”

Even group size requirements are almost non-existent. We can offer coverage to a company with as few as three qualifying members, and Petersen’s GSI product is so flexible that benefits can be shaped to compliment any existing policy of underlying LTD and/or personal DI. Our underwriters are willing to offer coverage on a mandatory basis, voluntary basis, as well as a very contemporary hybrid chassis mixing the benefits of both mandatory and voluntary plans into one seamless benefits program.

As you may already be aware, high-limit GSI insurance is of course a perfect pairing for law firms, hospitals and medical practices, but we are now seeing take-up among accounting firms, banks, architecture firms, high finance institutions and many other businesses with a population of high-income earners in need of more disability insurance.

 But you say that none of this pertains to you because you only work with individuals and don’t have any group clients? That is not a problem. Don’t be scared away. Don’t think this is a waste of your time. The potential commission volumes are incredible, and Petersen International can assist you into finding your way to this new and rapidly expanding GSI market.

The secret can be found within your own client files. Your existing clientele hold the key to turning a lucrative excess individual disability sale into a windfall by placing an excess multi-life disability policy. Your loyal clients have colleagues and bosses that will be ecstatic to learn about GSI coverage with its ease of issuance and huge group discounts. GSI allows you to provide large disability benefits to underinsured persons on a guaranteed-issue basis (no matter their health histories) at premiums a fraction of their standard personal disability policies.

If you aren’t in this market already or if you haven’t found much success, you need to call our experienced GSI team at (800)345-8816. We know this market. We created this market. Call us today.