Having Trouble Finding Your Business Client a Suitable Life Product?

Petersen International Underwriters may have the solution. Business Loan Failure to Survive insurance was designed to satisfy the contractual requirements set forth by a lender through a loan agreement. The product provides a death benefit in case of loss of life due to an accident or sickness, and the benefits are assignable to a bank or other lending entity.

Employing a practice of simplified issuance (no medical exam or lab requirements), underwriters allow for timely policy approval, comfortably meeting closing date deadlines set forth by lending institutions. And this product is available on a short term basis so many clients choose to purchase Failure to Survive insurance while in underwriting for traditional term policies.

Petersen International additionally offers similar policy chassis to accommodate for Buy/Sell arrangements and Key Person coverage.

Contact us today to receive a proper introduction to Failure to Survive insurance and learn how this unique product line can solve the problems your business clients are having with traditional life insurance.