Helping You Protect Your Mummy

This Friday we celebrate Halloween, that electric, eclectic night of spooks and spirits, chills and thrills.  Across the country, children have been undoubtedly hitting-up parents for sparkly new princess dresses and ninja costumes.  Candy bar boxes, fake blood and cheap zombie decorations are still flying off the market shelves – American consumerism at its finest.

Anticipation of the much revered 31st of October seems to begin earlier and earlier every year.  I swear I saw pumpkin patches springing-up for business in Southern California at the beginning of September!  In fact, numerous colleagues in London have reported that the U.S. Halloween craze has infected Britain and is spreading throughout the U.K. and Ireland, the birthplace of famed author Bram Stoker whose frightening gothic tale of Dracula resonates with fans and fanatics to this day.  But despite the ever-popular sci-fi and horror fantasies cherished by holiday revelers, the annual celebrations of All Hallows’ Eve have their ancient, less garish roots attached to harvest festivals and autumnal traditions of numerous cultures and religions around the world.

Perhaps most importantly, Halloween marks the beginning of the three-month long holiday season, a time when family and friends gather to recollect the passing year.  It’s a time when we can all reflect upon the joy and struggles of the past and look forward to the future.

As we reminisce over business for last twelve months, it is instantly apparent that the health insurance industry has been adjusting to the implementation of Obamacare.  Like many healthcare programs throughout the country, some of our medical products have endured a few setbacks and growing pains thanks to Affordable Care Act regulations.  But due to product evolution and constant revitalization, Petersen International Underwriters has reintroduced the Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan, a brilliantly designed program that provides healthcare to non-American citizens who are awaiting Medicare eligibility or have missed Medicare enrollment.  That demographic of U.S. residents has been frustratingly unable to secure comprehensive medical insurance for the past year.  This can only be described as a partially broken system which Petersen’s Bridge Plan is equipped to mend.

Highlights of the plan’s robust platform include the simulation of traditional Medicare with benefits available for hospitalization, hospice care, skilled nursing care, home care and physician/surgeon services.  Clients may choose Part A coverage, Part B coverage or both depending upon their healthcare needs and Medicare eligibility status.  Furthermore, the Bridge Plan is not tied-down to a single network provider; clients may be treated by any physician or at any hospital in the United States.

If you are familiar with anyone still struggling to acquire sufficient short or long term medical insurance, we can help.  Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween.