High-Limit Hedge Fund Coverage

With specialized education and training, managers of hedge funds are critical to the success of the funds. They hold the knowledge to make sound investment choices, so an untimely death or disability could prove to be disastrous for the hedge fund firm, not to mention the personal wealth of the stricken and his or her family.


Take the case of…


The lead portfolio manager of a multi-million dollar hedge fund. He was the primary catalyst for investors to participate, and without his ability to lead the fund, the investment would be in serious jeopardy. $25 million Key Person Disability and Failure to Survive Plans were established to mitigate any such loss. Additionally, a Personal Disability Plan was secured with benefits of $60,000 per month for the protection of his family.


…and the case of…


A new hedge fund, established by a number of seasoned investors. The fund called for an initial 3 year lock on the opening investments. During this locked period, there was a need to protect the firm against death or disability of any of the key managers. Additionally, one of the managers was involved in international travel, causing certain security concerns. The prescription for financial protection included $50 million in reducing benefits over the next 3 years coupled with a significant Kidnap & Ransom Insurance policy.


These are examples of typical cases for Petersen International Underwriters. Contact us to learn how to include cases like these in your business.