High-Limit Private Equity Coverage

The success of any firm relies upon the firm’s management team. In the Private Equity industry, the experience of the members of the management team, with their keen understanding of business capitalization and acquisitions, plays a most critical role. Suffice it to say that the key management figures can either make or break a Private Equity firm.


Take the case of…


A successful Private Equity firm partnership. The partners realized that if something were to happen to one or both of them, the firm would have a significant problem in moving forward. Each partner brought to the table specialized knowledge and talent which complimented the other. At stake was a $25 million portfolio of business, and the aspects of replacing one or both of the partners would take a significant amount of time and money. Key Person Disability Insurance was placed on the two partners in the amount of $10 million each. Since they both utilized private aviation for business travel, Accidental Death coverage was also purchased with the same benefit amounts.


…and the case of…


A Private Equity firm with a rare opportunity. The acquisition of a startup firm could prove to be a major success if the capital they would provide could be managed properly. The key person of the startup firm was absolutely essential to the ability of this company to take its product to market. Understanding that $20 million was at risk and reliant upon the health of this key person, a death and disability plan was needed quickly. Within 24 hours, Key Person Disability and Failure to Survive Plans were put into place allowing the funding and the acquisition to be accomplished in the timely manner that was needed.


These are examples of typical cases for Petersen International Underwriters. Contact us to learn how to include cases like these in your business.