How to Become a Millionaire Selling Disability Insurance

Let’s be real.  It is extremely difficult, and sometimes seems downright impossible to make a fortune doing anything – including playing the lottery let alone selling insurance.  You work eight to twelve hours a day, five maybe six days a week.  You are used to the daily grind, and you make a comfortable living, but you don’t think you’ll ever be super rich.  Don’t worry – you are right in line with 99% of the population of insurance professionals.

But there is that small fraction of advisors who are visionaries and true entrepreneurs who won’t stop at anything before they succeed beyond most of our wildest dreams.  These are the doers, and these are the men and women who can make millions selling disability insurance.  If you aren’t already, you can be one of those visionaries, and Petersen International can help you find your own wealth spring.  You don’t have to be the world’s best salesperson, but you must be resourceful, creative and driven.

The key to your future success is Guaranteed-Issue Excess Disability Insurance – a multi-life, supplemental disability program developed by Petersen International Underwriters to lucratively bridge the gap between the employee benefits market and the high-limit disability market.  The product provides specialty-specific, own-occupation disability income insurance with astronomical benefit limits on a guaranteed-issue basis for groups comprised of as few as three persons.  The coverage is simply a gem, already hugely successful and will provide you with many opportunities to earn your fortune.

The plan, the tool, is there for your using, but taking that first step can be daunting. To begin making your dreams come true you must access your greatest marketing asset – your existing book of business.  The names found in your client files are the clues to unlocking the multi-life magic of Petersen’s GSI plan.  Think of your current clients and prospects as a network of “door openers” to companies that require more disability insurance for their executives and partners (we have found that most American business entities are in need of excess DI in some form or another).  The most important step is getting in the door, putting your idea in front of someone that can make decisions or influence those that do.

Petersen International can help walk you through making the pitch and provide you with the necessary marketing materials, but you need to make the introduction and to ultimately acquire a census of eligible employees/employers.  We will help with the rest.  Other than the giant, continual commissions you’ll score, you will most notably be able to instill in the client that the program you’re providing them will financially protect their employees, partners and colleagues better than any other available group disability option.  A properly designed and executed GSI disability plan will allow the corporate entity huge group discounts, saving the company thousands of dollars per year, making you their favorite and go-to broker in the future.

Making a fortune in any insurance market in any economy is not an easy venture.  But if you take our advice and consider our Guaranteed-Issue Excess Disability Insurance product, we will show you just how impressive the potential business can be.  Begin your path to becoming one of those millionaire visionaries today.  Call Petersen International at (800)345-8816.