Hurdling Usual Insurance Roadblocks

Life and disability insurance sales are commonly hampered by the same problems, over and over again.  “My client takes meds for depression and anxiety.  My client suffered a heart attack and had stents implanted.  My client has been arrested for DUI.  My client has a history of cancer.  My client is too short for their weight.  My client attended a bachelor party and tried cocaine just once…several days before providing a urine sample for an insurance exam.”

That last one may sound oddly specific, but you would be surprised at how often we hear of these and similar issues, and all of them are usually grounds for insurance policy declinations from traditional DI and life carriers.  Petersen International is different.  Our underwriters realize that everyone is fallible, and that naturally some of your clients may suffer from obesity, substance dependence, chronic disease or psychiatric disorders like many of their fellow Americans. 

Utilizing the more lenient and flexible underwriting methodologies of specialty insurance markets, we are able to provide insurance policies with exclusions for health impairments as well as drug and alcohol abuses and mental and psychiatric disorders, allowing prospects facing those usual roadblocks to qualify for the life and disability coverage they require.  You now have the proper solution to provide your clients with invaluable asset protection for the economic safeguard of their families and businesses.

Furthermore, Petersen International Underwriters does not subscribe or report information to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), unlike most traditional life and health insurance companies.  Our application and underwriting processes refrain from creating sordid medical history trails, providing your clients with the utmost privacy and underwriting fairness.  We aim to judge risk upon information relevant to the insurance product in question, making your clients’ purchases of coverage as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

Don’t let commonplace underwriting barriers keep your clients from seeking the financial security they so deserve.  Call us today at (800)345-8816 to hear more about the many impaired-risk product lines we offer.